Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the transfer take?

Under ideal circumstances a transfer takes between 60-65 days.
The following aspects might influence the period of a transfer of a property:

  • Is the purchaser paying cash for the property?
  • Is the purchaser applying for a mortgage bond and has the bond been approved?
  • Are there any restrictive conditions in the title deed?
  • Is there a bond registered over the property?
  • Are the title deed and mortgage bond/s available?
  • Issuing of the transfer duty receipt by SARS;
  • Delays at the Deeds Office.

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What are the costs involved to transfer a property?

The Seller will be liable for:

  • Amount due to the local authority to obtain a rates clearance certificate and homeowners certificate, if applicable.
  • Bond cancellation cost, if applicable.

The Purchaser will be liable for:

  • Deeds Office registration fees.
  • Transfer Duty payable to SARS.
  • Professional fees in accordance with national guidelines prescribe by the
    Law Society of South Africa.
  • (A short summary of the cost payable is available under our fees schedule).

Documentation that the Transferring Attorney / Conveyancer will request:

1. In the case of a natural person

  • Identity documents
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Proof of current residential address, not older than three months
  • Income tax numbers

2. In the case of a Closed Corporation

  • Founding Statements-CK1 & CK2
  • Copies of members identity documents
  • Resolution
  • Proof of residential address of all directors not older than three months
  • Vat number

3. In the case of a Company

  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Copies of all directors identity documents
  • Resolution
  • Proof of residential address of all members not older than three months
  • Vat number

4. In the case of a Trust

  • Letter of Authority
  • Copies of all trustees identity documents
  • Resolution
  • Proof of residential address of all trustees not older than three months
  • Trust Deed

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